Transformational Coaching is a form of life coaching which involves helping people better their lives by changing the way they think, their beliefs, and the way they perceive themselves. This is not a form of counselling or psychotherapy.

There are several reasons why people seek the help of a Transformational Life Coach.  The most common reasons are: 

You feel there’s NO growth in your life
You have dreams but CAN’T seem to reach it
You feel AVERAGE… Never amounting to something
You WANT to discover your hidden potential
You WANT to awaken your consciousness
You WANT to enjoy and live the life you desire
You WANT to find your purpose

You did not just happen to land in my website.  You seek CHANGE!

All our sessions are done through phone calls or skype. A session lasts for 60 minutes focusing more on your current situation.

Together we create a safe space so you can freely release and express your true self without limitation and judgment.

We clarify your personal purpose, specific wants, desires, and dreams so that we may identify the obstacles stopping you from achieving them.

We will develop a plan that is doable, achievable and works for you while constantly tracking your progress and changes.

In the end, we celebrate your success in changing your mindset and discover the new and better version of you.

Before I ventured into life coaching, I had a different mindset and perspective about my life and myself. I have experienced several challenges, even got myself seriously ill, brought about by stress, by my limiting beliefs and by being consumed in negative self-talk. During the years that I was in this state, there was always this burning desire in me to bring about change in my life and the life of others. Little did I know that this particular desire was the start of my transformation, spiritual journey and life coaching.

I started immersing myself in all types of literature mostly about self-help, inspirational and spiritual teachings. I attended life coaching classes and applied it on myself first. This application process led me to discover my potentials and my creativity. For years I wrote quotes, which eventually became a book, to send my message across to the many, that we are people of power, peace, joy and love.

I became a part of the H.O.P.E. Community Coaching Initiative, a grassroots movement dedicated to Helping Others to Prosper and Excel. As one of the many HOPE Certified Community Coaches, my coaching is focused on helping to make things better. This includes anyone who may be feeling hopeless, isolated, or estranged. It includes people who are on the verge of giving up or those who see no way out of their current situation. There are unending number of truly good people who deserve a better option and a happier life.

C.R from San Pedro, CA

She gets me...
"Elsa is a wonderful person in and out. She listens and understands what you are saying. She doesn't judge and makes you really think about yourself and what you do."

Jill Sarmiento - CEO and Founder of Freshique

Positive and Pleasant...
"The positive energy Elsa brings is contagious! Her sense of humor, her aura and determination are admirable. Please keep it up and looking forward to many more sitdowns with you."

M.E. from Torrance, CA

Very Encouraging...
"So grateful to have people who are concerned about you, listening to every single word you have said... Just like Elsa. My coach always tells me, look at the bright side and focus on your vision. Visualize and think what you want in your life...plan it, believe it and it will come true, slowly but surely. To keep on growing, we have to surround ourselves with positive people in our lives."

E.V. from Aurora, CO

"After working with Elsa, I have learned that respect, openness and persistence are some of the important factors of an effective communication in a relationship. It is important to let your partner know what you think, feel and what your concerns are as they do not appreciate what they don't understand. I had resentment towards my husband for many years after having kids. His focus was only on our kids. I got shrugged aside especially whenever I asked for something or have new idea to contribute. I became withdrawn and disengaged. I've learned that you have to be persistent and let your partner know what you want and compromise."

Wake Up Humanity

Poems About You and Me

WAKE UP HUMANITY is not your ordinary book of poems with rhymes and stanzas that only touches a specific topic. It talks about all of us, the entire humanity, about our reason for existence, and the results of our conscious and unconscious actions in our world and our power as human beings.

This is a collection of free verse poems, beautifully written for humanity. It beckons us to pause, reflect, and look within our souls to remember our true nature and live it.

Each chapter will make you think and ask: who we truly are, why we are experiencing the same challenges over and over again, what kind of a source we are in this world and how we can improve our current condition as powerful beings, the collective consciousness for a better world. Get your copies now.

You Can Quote Me On This

Words to Empower You and Awaken Your Consciousness

YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS is not your ordinary book of quotes. It is a compilation of the author’s original written quotes based on her life experiences of pain and success, transformations, emotions, observations and insights. These quotes will change the way you think and will make you reexamine how you live your life on a daily basis. For each quote, there are comments and back stories to further understand the message it is trying to convey which makes for a more interesting read. This is a good companion and reference book to use as it provides hope, and motivation and reminds you of your true nature and power as a human being.

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