Few Words About Me
Before I ventured into life coaching, I had a different mindset and perspective about my life and myself.  I have experienced several challenges, even got myself seriously ill, brought about by stress, by my limiting beliefs and by being consumed in negative self-talk.  During the years that I was in this state, there was always this burning desire in me to bring about change in my life and the life of others.  Little did I know that this particular desire was the start of my transformation, spiritual journey and life coaching.
I started immersing myself in all types of literature mostly about self-help, inspirational and spiritual teachings.  I attended life coaching classes and applied it on myself first. This application process led me to discover my potentials and my creativity.  For years I wrote quotes, which eventually became a book, to send my message across to the many, that we are people of power, peace, joy and love. 
I became a part of the H.O.P.E. Community Coaching Initiative, a grassroots movement dedicated to Helping Others to Prosper and Excel.  As one of the many HOPE Certified Community Coaches, my coaching is focused on helping to make things better.  This includes anyone who may be feeling hopeless, isolated, or estranged.  It includes people who are on the verge of giving up or those who see no way out of their current situation.  There are unending number of truly good people who deserve a better option and a happier life.