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YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS ​is not your ordinary book of quotes.  It is a compilation of the author’s original written quotes based on her life experiences of pain and success, transformations, emotions, observations and insights.  These quotes will change the way you think and will make you reexamine how you live your life on a daily basis.  For each quote, there are comments and back-stories to further understand the message it is trying to convey which makes for a more interesting read.  

This is a good companion and reference book to use as it provides hope, and motivation and reminds you of your true nature and power as a human being.
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What Readers Say:
  • One of the loveliest books of inspiring quotes...
    "...and you can quote ME on this. This is, quite simply, one of the loveliest books of inspiring quotes I have had the pleasure of reading. It is simple yet wise, and written from the heart. It doesn't preach or lecture, but humbly using examples from her life Elsa Mendoza has shown us the wisdom she has gained and made it accessible to us, her readers, with true generosity of spirit. I promise, you will love this book." 
    -Dr Denise A Nisbet, Ph.D (Author and Former psychologist, career counsellor and librarian)

  • Drenches the soul...
    "...her book is beautiful and it drenches the soul with something I cant explain with a C.S. Lewis flare... I am totally in awe.." -Ariston C.M. (Author of the upcoming book "Courage to Dance Again")

  • Very inspiring.. Positive vibes...
    "...I Loved your book! I read it in 90 minutes! Very inspiring and I love the positive vibe and love I felt as I read each quote!  I feel like you are someone I would love to call my friend! I understand your journey and your fight to change your thoughts and understanding
    .." -Jackie Weisser (Best-Selling Author of "The Truth Behind the Lies")
  • Book to savour...
    "..clearly this is a book to savour and reflect upon..bite sized!" -Louise VN Liebenberg (Counsellor and Life Skills Coach at​ 

  • Beautifully written.. wise beyond expectations...
    "...I absolutely love it.  A person would be able to read it quickly, but to read it slowly and on purpose, takes it to a whole new level.  Beautifully written and wise beyond expectations.." -C.A. Darling (Entrepreneur and Author of "Business Brief for the Enterpreneur" - Ranked #1 in three categories)
  • Great book that challenges the reader...
    "...Great book full of wonderful uplifting and inspirational quotes. A great way to kickstart the morning.  Really great quotes that uplift and even challenge the reader." -Bento Leal (Relationship Skills Trainer & Best-Selling Author of "4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication")

  • She's an inspiration...
    "Elsa has written and compiled the ideal set of original quotes and their backstories with the intention of empowering their readers and awakening their consciousness.  Mission Accomplished!" -Jim Molinelli, PhD (Bestselling Author of "Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke"
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